How to Avoid or Treat Common Health Issues in Dogs

Dogs are our best friends and having them nearby boosts our confidence and happiness levels. However, they also need our care and attention. Which is why we must understand which type of health issues dogs are prone to have, and then tackle them accordingly. We will also help you figure out ways to avoid these health issues in dogs too.

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Ear infections

Ear infections are common between dogs, and that’s because particles and waste get trapped with ease in your pet’s ear. They have a narrow, yet long ear canal, so cleaning their ear can be difficult. Dogs that have floppy ears are the ones that end up dealing with issues the most. If your dog is rubbing his ears, he has a lack of balance or the ears have a strange smell, then something is off. You can prevent these issues by going to the vet and cleaning their ears professionally. In case your pet has an ear infection, then the vet can also assist with the adequate medical products and cleanup routine.

Urinary tract infections

Urinary tract infections can appear due to bacteria from feces, debris and urine. If you want to prevent your dog from having any UTIs, then it’s a very good idea to provide clean drinking water every day. On top of that, routine grooming and going outside so your dog can pee are other great options. You can also offer your pet some vitamin C supplements, because those can boost the immune system. Feeding a healthy, balanced diet can also be extremely helpful in a situation like this.

Skin problems

Skin problems can vary from ticks and fleas to food allergies or folliculitis, impetigo, ringworms, mange and many others. It’s important to visit your vet often, just to ensure that all these things are monitored. When it comes to preventing skin problems, regular bathing is a very good idea. You also want to change your pet’s diet to one that brings in more nutrients, something that can really come in handy for most pets. Other things you could do is to keep your pet away from any sources of pollen, as those can become increasingly problematic.


There were many situations in recent years where dogs were poisoned due to ingesting or licking household items or a variety of toxic items. What you can do is to keep any chemical-based products locked in a place where your dog can’t reach them. On top of that, you also want to ensure that your dog doesn’t go through your garbage bin, as there might be toxic items there as well.


As dogs get older or once they deal with a lot of physical activity, they end to encounter bone-related problems. Arthritis is certainly one of the prevalent issues especially in the case of senior dogs. Offering enough calcium in your pet’s diet is extremely helpful, and it can encourage him to maintain a very good health. Other things like staying close to your pet and keeping him away from possible injuries can also be a very good idea to keep in mind.


Obesity is a common issue, especially in the case of smaller dogs. Even if you try to control their diet, they can overeat and become obese. Needless to say, obesity leads to heart disease, orthopedic issues, diabetes and other similar issues. If you see that your dog is gaining in weight, go to the vet right away. You can also try to improve your dog’s diet by eliminating any fat-heavy foods. You can add more protein based foods and things that will keep your pet in a very good shape.

On top of that, you also want to go out more with your pet. Obesity can also come from a lack of exercise. That’s why it’s crucial to try and treat your pet’s weight gain quickly. Start going on walks more often, maybe focus on finding a good exercise routine for your pet. All these little things can make a difference, and you will be happy with your pet’s progress.

Dental issues

Dental problems have become very common over the past few decades, especially when it comes to older pets. Periodontal disease is very challenging, serious and a health problems that many dog owners overlook. If your pet has bad breath or signs of dental damage, go to the vet as quickly as possible and seek the right treatment.

What can you do to prevent this? Brushing your dog’s teeth from time to time with specialized toothbrush and toothpaste is a very good idea. It will help protect your pet from bacteria and any dental damage. The worst thing is that if you don’t treat dental problems, bacteria enters the bloodstream, and that might damage your pet’s kidneys and heart. Tackling that properly can make a huge difference.


All dogs are prone to deal with ticks, fleas, or even internal parasites like worms. A good way to keep your pet protected is to talk with the vet and administering preventive, anti-parasite medication. Washing your pet often and checking their fur for any parasites is another great idea to keep in mind. Also, good sanitation can prevent parasites, so keep your dog away from feces, remove those as quickly as possible. A good hygiene and regular vet checkups should help keep your dog safe and away from any parasites.


Diarrhea can be caused by a lot of different things when it comes to dogs. Maybe your pet ate spoiled food, or you made changes in the kibble. Or your dog has the irritable bowel disease, he ate something toxic, maybe he even has parasites. A good way to stop this is to give your pet a bland diet for a few days. You can also stop feeding your pet for a day or so. It might sound cruel, but it’s effective. It allows your pet to eliminate all the toxic compounds, and then you can start feeding him again.


If your dog is vomiting, that can be a sign that their gastrointestinal tract is blocked or maybe your pet ingested something toxic. On top of that, vomiting can also appear if your dog ingested something randomly, something they shouldn’t eat or touch at all. The way you prevent this is via being more careful and staying with your pet most of the time. This allows you to avoid situations when your pet ingests stuff randomly. Feeding your dog a healthy diet and sticking to a proper feeding routine can also help quite a bit.


It’s a very good idea to visit the doctor often and ensure that your dog receives a proper checkup at least a few times a year. However, if you see any signs of diseases, you should consider talking with the vet right away. He will diagnose your pet, see what health issues your dog might have, and then the vet will create a proper treatment plan. You should always study your pet’s behavior and talk with your vet to see what causes that and what can you do. Thankfully, many dog health issues can be solved with adequate treatment and vet visits, so it’s important to stay vigilant and track your pet’s health and wellbeing as much as you can.

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