Tails From the Dog House

What To Know Before Adopting A Dachshund

As you prepare to welcome a dachshund into your world, it’s like opening your home to a small, elongated, and irresistibly charming buddy who’s always excited to join you on all your escapades. However, before you fall head over heels for their captivating gaze and distinctive sausage-like shape, it’s crucial to comprehend what committing to

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Corgi dog washes in the bathroom

How To Groom Your Dog Like a Professional?

Grooming your dog like an expert is a great idea, and there are many ways you can use to achieve such a goal. It all comes down to avoiding any rush and making sure you implement an adequate grooming technique. There are many different steps to focus on, so here are a few methods you

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Puppy Training Tips

Puppy training is exciting, but it always has its fair share of challenging. Whenever you embark in puppy training, it all comes down to patience and taking your time to ensure your pet understands what you want them to do. Many times, it will take dozens of tries for your dog to learn something. But

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Travelling With Your Dog, Dog Friendly Destinations

Traveling with your pet can be very fun, not to mention you can avoid disturbing loved ones and leave him at home. Not only that, but pets enjoy travel just as much as you do, so it makes a lot of sense to find the right pet-friendly destinations worldwide. Which brings the question, what dog-friendly

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How To Take Better Photos of Your Dog?

Every dog owner wants to take amazing, creative and fun photos with their pet. That’s why it can be a very good idea to learn how to take the right photos and how to improve your skills. If you always wanted to learn how to take great photos of your pet, here are some tips

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How to Avoid or Treat Common Health Issues in Dogs

Dogs are our best friends and having them nearby boosts our confidence and happiness levels. However, they also need our care and attention. Which is why we must understand which type of health issues dogs are prone to have, and then tackle them accordingly. We will also help you figure out ways to avoid these

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10 Fun Summer Activities for Dogs

Pup summers (or literally dog days) are all about bandanas, beach breezes, and backyard barbecues. From road trips to pool days, there’s no shortage of activities to keep your furry friend happy during the warmer months. Here are ten fun summer activities for dogs that will make this season the best one yet. 10 Summer

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